We provide solutions to boundary problems and disputes in England and Wales.

At NBC, we conduct detailed investigations of current and archival material in the form of deeds, maps, aerial photographs and local byelaws and regulations relating to property boundaries and rights of way. Where required, we will survey the boundary in question, drawing up detailed plans and preparing an expert witness report.

At NBC we take the time to assess the individual requirements of each case. We advise our clients of their options and the steps available to them in order to provide a solution to their boundary issues.

If you have a land survey or boundary query, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Examples of boundary issues

  • A shared driveway where a new neighbour has started using more than his fair share with additional vehicles.
  • A house owner who has cultivated a plot of land for more than 10 years may suddenly be informed that the land is not his and he is required to vacate very quickly.
  • A joint ownership property where the individual boundaries of the land are not clear.